Playing Rules

01.Press start

02.Read through introduction of Taiwan attractions / foods

03.Share to start up the machine

04.Get same pictures to join Lucky Draw

Welcome to Taiwan ! Win a Flight ~


Valid Time:2019/04/01(10:00am)-05/31(06:00pm)


  • 015 Game Entries Per Person Per Day
  • 02Sign-in to Facebook.
  • 03Click Like on the Facebook Fan Page.
  • 04Provide your personal data.
  • 05Press start
  • 06Read through introduction of Taiwan attractions / foods
  • 07Get an opportunity for slot machine game
  • 08See if you get same pictures to join Lucky Draw
  • 09Win the Prize!


  • Manila -Taipei China Airline Round-trip Single Ticketx1
  • Taiwan Host One-Night Stay Certificatex10
  • Amusement Park Free Admission Certificatex20
  • Taiwan Tour Bus Invitationx20
  • Taiwan Pass - Taipei City, New Taipei City, and Keelung Cityx20
  • Taiwan Pass - Central Taiwanx10
  • Taiwan Pass - Tainanx10
  • Taiwan Pass - Kaohsiung, Pingtung, Penghux10
Terms and Conditions

※ Anyone who logs into the same Facebook account can get 5 lucky draw opportunities each day.

※ Each participant will only be entitled to the Prize once in Lucky Draw, repeated winnings considered to be void. Participant who get repeated winnings shall take first winning prizes.

※ Since the winner list will be published on the website, the participant is requested to pay close attention to the public announcement and e-mail address during the relevant period. The winners shall reply and confirm the consent to receive the prize within the time limit notified by the organizer, and the overdue shall be deemed as a waiver.

※ Once the prize is signed and received by the winner, the organizer shall not be responsible for reissuing the award due to any damages, losses, thefts, etc.

※ If the award is worth over 10,000 pesos, the winner shall pay 20% as the winning income tax (In accordance with local tax laws). If the winner is not willing to pay the tax amount of the prized item, the winner shall be deemed as disqualified for the prize. If the winner is under 20 years of age or is incapacitated, a legal representative can be asked to give consent on behalf of the winner and the consent form shall be filled out.

※ Before collecting the award, the winner is required to provide a photocopy of personal identification.

※【Manila -Taipei China Airline Round-trip Single Ticket】Redemptions and Precautions:

1.【Manila -Taipei China Airline Round-trip Single Ticket】 is a coupon for China Air Economy Class worth 300 USD, which is for non-holiday and non-continuous holidays. The organizer will send winning certificate to the winner. Afterward, the winner must personally bring the certificate and go to appointed travel agency-EVERBRIGHT TRAVEL & TOURS INC. during the stipulated period (Before 31 August, 2019) to collect the air ticket and book a seat.

2. The winning certificate will be applied a stamp of EVERBRIGHT TRAVEL & TOURS INC. and sent by registered mail. The winner shall hold the original copy of the winning certificate (photocopy is invalid) to EVERBRIGHT TRAVEL & TOURS INC. in exchange for the plane ticket and book a seat.

3. The winner is responsible for paying airport taxes, fuel surcharges, passports, visa processing fees, and personal expenses.

4. The lucky draw coupon provided in this activity is based on the quotation made by EVERBRIGHT TRAVEL & TOURS INC. in March 2019. The quotation for airline tickets and exchange rates may vary depending on various factors such as peak season, consecutive holidays, festivals, exhibitions or competitions. The winner agrees to afford the price difference arising from the date of departure, plane seat conditions, and price adjustments made by EVERBRIGHT TRAVEL & TOURS INC.

5. The lucky draw coupon shall not be exchanged for cash and the winner shall keep it safe. Any damages and losses to the lucky draw coupon shall be liable to the winner himself/herself without any re-issuance. Also, it is strictly prohibited to sell the lucky draw coupon on the internet or the market.

6. There is no separate receipt for the redemption of this lucky draw coupon, except for the amount that is applied to make up for the shortfall.

※ Participants agree that the information provided or submitted is true and must not misappropriate or impersonate any third party's information. Participants must provide all required information clearly and accurately. The organizer is not be liable for any loss resulted from incorrect information and failure of connection.

※ The prize shall be sent to the Philippines by the organizer through postal service. Overseas prize winners shall collect the prize in person.

※ If the prize cannot be shipped due to market shortage or natural disaster, the organizer shall replace the prize with another substitute of equivalent value.

※ Prizes for this event cannot be converted, transferred or exchanged for cash.

※ If there are any accidents for this activity due to the computer, internet, telephone, malicious software, etc., or other matters that cannot be attributed to the organizer, making the information registered by the participant of this activity damaged, lost, mistaken, unrecognizable, or nonconforming, the organizer may treat the lucky draw coupon as invalid, execute the deduction and shall not be held liable, to which the participants and the winners may not object.

※ It is illegal to unlawfully crack, steal, tamper with or destroy electronic materials through abnormal channels, for which the violator may bear criminal responsibilities and any other relevant legal responsibilities. Once finding that the prize winner has any suspected violation of the law, the organizer may cancel the qualification of the participant or the prize winner while reserving the right to legal prosecution.

※ The organizer of this event shall take precautions to protect the participants' personal data. According to the business rights and responsibilities, a dedicated personnel is selected to control the access and protect the security of personal data. Anyone who is not formally authorized by the organizer of this event is strictly prohibited from accessing the participant's personal data.

※ Participants agree that all information and records of any participating activities that are retained or generated on the website of the event are based on the computer system and time records of the organizer. If there is any failure in the computer, the Internet, the telephone, the technology or the content that cannot be attributed to the organizer, making the information sent by the participants delayed, lost, wrong or unrecognizable, the organizer is not responsible for any legal liability and participants may not object to this.

※ If the event cannot be executed due to special reasons such as natural disaster, the organizer reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the activity.

※ The organizer reserves the right to amend the rules and regulations concerning matters not mentioned.