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Northern Taiwan, Central Taiwan

5 Days, Northern Taiwan & Central Taiwan.

Make your pineapple cake by YOUR OWN!.

Marvel at Taipei 101, one of the world’s tallest buildings.

Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Sun Moon Lake.

Eat your way through the famous Night Markets in Taiwan.

Visit flower-filled Zhongshe Flower Garden.

Visit Rainbow Village, a forgotten town invigorated by "Rainbow Grandpa's" artistic vision.

Day 1

Taipei City

Longshan Temple Bopiliao Historic Block Ximending Night view from 101

Day 2


Leofoo Village Theme Park or Window on China Theme Park Cihu Mausoleum Daxi Old Street

Day 3

Nantou County

Qingjing Farm Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village Take cable car to Sun Moon Lake

Day 4

Taichung City

Zhongshe Flower Market Rainbow Military Dependents’ Village Shen Ji New Village Fengjia Night Market

Day 5


Pineapple Cake making-Kuo Yuan Ye Museum of Cake & Pastry Airport


Longshan Temple

Longshan Temple in Mengjia is the most popular temple in Taipei. The octagon shaped ceiling and bronze engraved dragon columns are representative of the unique features and adornments in traditional Taiwanese temples. The Front Hall, Grand Hall and Back Hall are divided into many worship rooms, containing more than 100 statues of gods and goddesses, and housing 7 incense burners.
During WWII, the Main Hall of Longshan Temple was hit by gunfire and everything was destroyed except for the temple god – Bodhisattva. This manifestation of efficacy made believers worship here even more.

Bopiliao Historic Block

The community of Bopiliao was firstly formed back in early Qing Dynasty. Since then, its history evolves as Taiwan went through different eras, from Qing Dynasty, Japanese colonization, to early Post World War II period. Situated in one of the most prosperous areas, Mengjia, architecture in Bopiliao reflects different culture of which it was built. The area is uniquely representative of once flourishing Mengjia.

Taipei 101

Taipei 101 was accomplished in 2004 at the height of 509.2 meter. At that time, it was crowned the tallest building in the world and now the 8th. Visitors can take the super-fast elevator from 5th floor to the observatory deck on 87th in just 37 seconds. It is simply the best spot to enjoy the city view from atop.


Leofoo Village Theme Park

In the theme park are the Arabian Palace, American Western Streets, South Pacific Ocean and Wild Life Kingdom, where tourists can have a good time. Besides scheduled performances, there are also amusement facilities and food and drink services. People can experience thrilling and also exciting entertainments here. It is full of laughers.

Window on China Theme Park

Window on China Theme Park has the tallest water flume ride in Asia. There are many different rides in the amusement park such as "Thunder Rain," "Nile beach," Taiwan's first 360 degree spinning "Rocking Boat," cute "Strawberry Ferry Wheel," "Flying Planes," "Jumping Stars," etc. European Castle Amusement Park is a kids' favorite. No matter rain or shine, kids can enjoy themselves there.

Cihu Mausoleum

The Cihu Villa was built here in 1959 for Chiang's use, and in 1962 the former ROC president had this area renamed as Cihu, or "Loving Mother Lake," in memory of his mother Wang Tsai-yu. Apart from the mausoleum, the biggest visitor attraction here is the changing of the honor guard ceremony. On weekends and holidays the cameras are flashing almost non-stop as for this popular ceremony.

Daxi Old Street

In the old days, the Tamsui River was navigable all the way inland to Daxi. The dock was where the old Heping Road runs today, and from Ching Dynasty times this has been the town's business commercial area. The street was formed during the period of Japanese occupation (1895-1945.) The shops are faced in Japanese baroque style with washed stone and are beautifully decorated with intricate carvings of birds, animals, flowers, and plants. The name of the establishment is written above the entrance.


Qingjing Farm

Qingjing Farm was established on February 20th, 1961. The farm is for agricultural development, it located in Nantou County, the place of Central Cross-Island Highway's center horizontal road first line #14 near the north end place of 08 kilometer. It is the place you will pass when you are heading to Hohuan Mountain, the center horizontal highroad's organized body branch.

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village was established in 1986; total area is 62 hectares. The culture village features aboriginal cultures, combining tourism, culture and educational functions. It is located in Yuchi, Nantou County, near Sun Moon Lake. The culture village has made great efforts in updating the amusement facilities and services and has shown the vigorous spirits of the aboriginal tribes.

Sun Moon Lake

The Sun Moon Lake, located in the middle of Taiwan, with an elevation of 748 meters above sea level, is the only natural big lake in Taiwan. The southern part of Lalu Island is shaped like a new moon, and the northern part is shaped like a sun; hence the name Sun Moon Lake.


Zhongshe Flower Garden

Zhongshe Flower Market is one of the best flower markets in all of Taiwan because it has different types of flowers in bloom throughout the year. It’s also a popular place for visitors, especially with couples, to do their photoshoot here. It is the ideal location for wedding photography!

Rainbow Military Dependents’ Village

Rainbow Military Dependents’ Village is located at Nantun District, Taichung City. All of the paintings on the house walls here were made by Grandpa Rainbow, Mr. Huang Yung-Fu. The colorful artworks show elements of the village and Grandpa Rainbow’s creativity, full of childlike fun. Visitors from all over the world have come here to take pictures of the art. The village is a highly popular tourist attraction in Taichung.

Shen Ji New Village

Shen Ji New Village is a dorm compound built by the Taiwan Provincial Government nearly half a century ago to accommodate employees of the auditing office. As the government restructured, the dorms were left unused for years.With the government’s revitalization plans, the historic village is now transformed into a lively and innovative base for young entrepreneurs to start their businesses.

Fengjia Night Market

The Fengjia Night Market is one of Taichung's famous commercial business districts, covering approximately one kilometer in diameter around Feng Chia University and includes the Fengjia-Wenhua Night Market, Fengjia Rd., and Fuxing Rd.


Pineapple Cake making - Kuo Yuan Ye Museum of Cake & Pastry

Starting from mixing the raw materials, making the dough, shaping the shortcake, and packaging your own product, this course would let you to experience the handmade process of pineapple shortcake.