Local Culture Family



Southern Taiwan, Northern Taiwan

5 Days, Southern & Northern Taiwan.

Visit art center for iconic wall painting.

Spectacular Big Buddha & Classic old town Anping.

A day tour to classic spots: Yehliu, Shifen & Jiufen.

Have fun soaking in hot spring in Beitou.

Day 1

In Kaohsiung Airport Pier 2 Art Center Kaohsiung Port Warehouse No.2 I-ride experience center Liuhe Night Market or Love River

Day 2

Ten Drum Chimei Museum(Photo Stop) Blueprint Culture & Creative Park Anping Old Street Anping Tree House

Day 3

Fo Guang Shan Pingdong I/O STUDIO Dragon & Tiger Pagoda THSR(1.5H) Taipei 101 44 South Village Ximemding Shilin Night Market

Day 4

Shifen Old Street Jiufen Village Yeliu Geopark

Day 5

Beitou Hot Spring Museum Yangmingshan Out Taoyuan International Airport


Pier 2 Art Center

In 2005, Cultural Bureau began series of space renovation project, turning old warehouse into a base of creativity that showcases art performance and cultural creation. The utilization has turned Pier-2 Art Center into a must-visit attraction in Kaohsiung.

Kaohsiung Port Warehouse No.2 (KW2)

KW2 is an old railway warehouse being repurposed to combine cultural creativity, dining and exhibition spaces. It houses all kinds of restaurants, cafes and variety shops selling bags, accessories, handicrafts and clothing...etc.

I-ride experience center

I-ride experience center is actually a media based simulator attraction, providing its visitors an ultimate flying experience. When you hop on the i-ride, you will get a bird’s-eye-view of Kaohsiung. With the help of advanced technology, riders will hang suspended, feet dangling in front of a 20-meter spherical screen and get a multisensory (Scents, Wind, Audio, Mist, View, Motion) experiences at the same time.

Liuhe Night Market

With a length of 380 meters, Liuhe Night Market has 170 stands, mostly dim sums and souvenirs. Numerous food stands have stayed for decades, becoming Kaohsiung residents’ collective memories. These stands also have witnessed the transformation of a local night market into a bustling world-renowned night market. Thanks to its popularity and the globalization trend, you can now even see many exotic food stands, such as Turkish ice cream and Mexican tacos, allowing tourists to enjoy foods from around the world on the spot.

Love River

One of the main river in Kaohsiung, the downstream of Love River is now a riverbank park great for a light stroll in the city. Ride Love Boat at day time for a view of the port area. In the evening, take a seat at riverbank coffee square, get surrounded by neon lights and the charming Kaohsiung atmosphere.


Ten Drum

The place was the “Cheluqian Sugar Factory” back in Japanese era. The factory eventually shut down in 2003. After deserted for years, the 22 abandoned warehouses were taken over by Ten Drum for redevelopment and features Taiwan specialty drum music as its main performance.

Chimei Museum

The western art based museum has the most private collections in Taiwan from paintings, sculptures, instruments, weaponry and ancient relics. Apart from the collections, the architecture itself is quite famous as well. Infused with classic styles of Rome and Greece, the Apollo fountain at the entrance garden solutes to Versailles, France, donning a magnificent look to the museum.

Blueprint Culture & Creative Park

Highlight of the creative park is a 3D blueprint nighttime art installation with bright light throwing dazzling white lines on a blue wall. There are also many small shops inside worth well a look.

Anping Old Street

Anping Old Street was the first street in Taiwan to be given a name. Actually it’s not just a street, it refers to an area now. There are many small alleyways with old –style characteristics and features. Be sure to admire the Wind Lion Gods on the roofs or take a look at the Sword Lions on the lintels of doors.

Anping Tree House

Anping Tree House was originally a Tait& Co. Warehouse, built around the end of 19th Century during Japanese Colonial Period. After century, the warehouse wall is covered by banyan roots. This unique looking gives it a sense of mystery and makes it a worth-visited destination.


Fo Guang Shan

Passing through the front hall, a long walkway with tall pagodas sitting by both sides leads the visitors to a big Buddha statue. It will be one the most amazing and serene scene you have ever seen.

Pingdong I/O STUDIO

Planned by local government, Pingdong I/O STUDIO is meant to bring young talents back to the southernmost county. The space is built with 53 containers. With its special container look and bright colors, this place is a good photo spots for young generation.

Dragon & Tiger Pagoda

The Dragon and Tiger Pagodas is a temple located at Lotus Lake in Zuoying District, Kaohsiung. The temple was built in 1976. One of the towers is the Tiger Tower, the other one being the Dragon tower. Walking through the dragon’s mouth and out through the tiger’s is said to turn bad luck into good fortune.

Taipei 101

Taipei 101 was accomplished in 2004 at the height of 509.2 meter. At that time, it was crowned the tallest building in the world and now the 8th. Visitors can take the super-fast elevator from 5th floor to the observatory deck on 87th in just 37 seconds. It is simply the best spot to enjoy the city view from atop.

44 South Village

The earliest military village built in Taipei, the 44 south village is located south of Taipei 101 and within walking distance. This village preserved part of the original look of the buildings but incorporate new elements such as culture creative brands and young designer brands to make it an old & new fusion area.


This district is named during Japanese era, when the Japanese established it based on Asakusa, Tokyo and created a recreational shopping area. The prosperity of Ximenting went on ever since. The once popular cinema street within the area back in the 30s have gone down due to the shift of commercial center. Thanks to the completion of MRT system which brings the area back to the fashion center for young people.

Shilin Night Market

Shilin Night Market is one of the largest night markets in Taipei City. Occupying a vast space, the night market is divided into two main sections: the first section covers streets around the traditional Yang Ming Movie Theater, and includes the area along Ci Cheng Temple on Danan Road; the second section covers the newly built Shilin Market, located at No. 101 Jihe Road. Inside the newly built infrastructure, you will see many food stalls that came from the old market, and you can be assured to get all sorts of delicacies here. Most of the people who came here are for the food and for shopping. You can find all sorts of interesting and fun products and delicious foods, which are cheap and in large portion. No wonder the crowds never stop pouring in.


Shifen Old Street

Located in the Pingxi area, Shifen Old Street is a collection of lanes and alleys in and around the Shifen railway station area. The station is located in a scenic area that greets visitors with beautiful waterfalls and streams.

Jiufen Village

Jiufen was once a major gold mining town and is now a popular spot for tourists to experience a taste of history. The name “Jiufen”, which literally means “nine pieces” in Mandarin, comes from a legend whenever one family goes grocery shopping, they would buy nine portions for other eight families.

Yeliu Geopark

Yeliu GeoPark, located at North Coast, is a cape part of Datun Mountain that stretches into the sea. The terrain, under erosion, weathering effect and crust movement, is shaped into many unique geological phenomena. The famous Queen’s Head and Candlestick Rock can be seen here.


Beitou Hot Spring Museum

Built in 1913 by Japanese, today’s museum is operated by local residents. Entrance to the museum is free. Visitors will be given a temporary use slipper instead of wearing your own shoes while touring inside. The design is based upon the Mount Izu Hot Spring Bath in Japan, and is reminiscent of a European/Roman bath house decorated with arcades and stained glass.


The park is the only natural place in Taiwan that possesses dormant volcanos, sulfur fumaroles, and hot springs. It contains not only plentiful geological phenomena, but also several kinds of flowers and plants. In Yangming Park, visitors can view the flowers in spring, escape the scorching heat in summer, watch the silvergrass flowers and colorful leaves in the fall, and soak in the hot springs in winter.