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Taiwan Tourism Information Center Manila Office

Take advantage of the visa-free entry to Taiwan, Filipinos can now enjoy a travel planning consultation in Manila
“Panahon sa Taiwan.” The Filipinos are having the best luck ever. The validity of 14-day visa-free treatment for traveling in Taiwan has been extended to July 31th, 2019. Lose no time in planning out your trip and setting off on a journey to Taiwan in whichever season you prefer. There are many things to do on this beautiful island throughout the entire year. In order to provide Filipinos with greater services, Taiwan Tourism Information Center Manila Office is officially established with specialists offering information about traveling in Taiwan from Monday to Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. starting from today.

Before departure, go to the office to claim your exclusive freebie with round-trip electronic ticket and a copy of two night legal lodging certificate. If you can not go there, it is also viable to mail the documents abovementioned together with a self-addressed and stamped envelope (which should be attached with sufficient amount of postage. the acceptable number of applicants is 1 to 5) to the office.

If you have any questions, please mail to
Two for the Price of One,Exclusive, Limited-time Offer
Travel in style on Taiwan's iconic, sleek, high-speed bullet trains, and reach speeds of up to 300 km/h.
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How to receive your discount code:
Step 1: Enter your full name as it appears on your passport
Step 2: Enter your passport number
Step 3: Upload a clear photo of the bio-data page in your passport in its entirety
Step 4: Upload a photo of your airline e-ticket\
Eligibility for use
Promotion period: November 27, 2018 - January 31, 2019 Travel period: November 28, 2018 - March 31, 2019 An even number of tickets must be purchased to benefit from this discount, and each discount code may only be used on a single order. Discount codes are limited to one per passport The number of tickets are limited and discount is available while supplies last For more information on one-way tickets, please refer to the high-speed rail product pages This promotion is limited to foreign visitors entering Taiwan as a tourist and requires a valid outbound flight ticket. This promotion is not available for foreigners holding residency in Taiwan for education or employment purposes. KKday and THSR reserve the right to cancel the discount or refuse to redeem tickets if criteria is not met To receive this offer, the destination must be one of the following: Taichung, Changhua, Yunlin, Chiayi, Tainan, or Zuoying (Kaohsiung) station This offer is valid for regular ticket and adult ticket fares only. Other fare types (including but not limited to, concession, non-reserved seating, group tickets, etc.) are not applicable. This promotion cannot be combined with other offers KKday and Taiwan High Speed Rail reserve the right to modify or terminate this promotion at any time without prior notice KKday Customer Service Tel: 1-886-2-7741-1450/ Mail: Website:
Launched under the joint effort of Taiwan High-Speed Rail and Tourism Bureau, the program "All Abroad the Taiwan High Speed Rail Two Tickets for the Price of One" will be extended to April 30, 2019 for international travelers who want to buy the tickets. The period for THSR boarding will be extended from March 31 to June 30, 2019, to attract international travelers who fly medium-long distance to travel in central and southern parts of Taiwan. For more detail, please refer to the website:

As an overseas dealer of Taiwan High-Speed Rail, KKDay has customer service staff who addresses the customer's doubts and concerns. Before booking the ticket, an online text service (that responds within 3 hours) is available. After booking the ticket, you may make a phone call through APP (by pressing the telephone sign on the upper-right corner), all of which are provided on one-oo-one basis.


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